Here is what a few of our clients are saying about us

“More than a dozen lawyers passed on my personal injury case before I was referred to The Klenofsky Law Firm. I guess Joe saw something in my case that the other lawyers didn’t see. Joe settled my case and helped to get me and my family compensation. I am satisfied with the result.” ≅ C.S.

“I would absolutely re-hire Mr. Klenofsky… His positive attitude, dedication and attention to client satisfaction are un-matched. He has the ability to recognize details that prove valuable to a case and, in turn, prove favorable for the outcome. Mr. Klenofsky’s repeated success shows that he takes pride in his work and all that it entails. His genuine qualities and personal commitment makes an otherwise stressful experience much more pleasant.” ≅ K.E.

“In working with Joe Klenofsky, I have had the pleasure of his assistance in my legal matters. His professionalism and prompt service have always been exceptional. In my particular case, I was skeptical to know if any one could be of assistance to me. After speaking with several other firms I was beginning to lose faith. I could not find someone who would be able to address my particular needs. However, I was pleasantly surprised in his knowledge and expertise in my case. He made me feel confident and at ease in a highly stressful situation I was going through. I truly felt he understood my concerns / needs and that I had someone I could trust to get the job done. I would highly recommend Joe Klenofsky to anyone needing assistance with a legal matter. Keep up the good work Joe and I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me and my family.” ≅ A.S.

“Mr. Klenofsky handled my lawsuit in a very aggressive yet totally professional manner. I was very pleased with the result, but more than anything, Mr. Klenofsky was available, returned my phone calls, and showed a sincere interest in both me and my legal matters.” ≅ A.L.

“Joseph Klenofsky handled my case with professionalism and poise. I am confident in his knowledge of the law and his ability to demonstrate it in the courtroom. Joseph’s compassion and dedication to his clients are paramount. If you are in need of a trustworthy, experienced law professional, I highly recommend the Klenofsky Law Firm.” ≅ J.G.

“Mr. Klenofsky has been nothing but professional. He takes the time and explains to you all your options and the benefits and consequences of them. I feel very confident that he will do his best to do what is best for me.” ≅ E.F.

“When no one else wanted to help us out, Klenofsky Law Firm was the only firm that were able to help us and go beyond what we thought we could do.” ≅ A.M.

“Attorney Joe Klenofsky worked hand-in-hand with us on our case and was very efficient. He took the time to sit down with us face-to-face and listen to us. He is a good person.” ≅ M.B.

Some of Our results

$400,000.00 – Injuries on Commercial Property
$300,000.00 – Car Accident
$250,000.00 – Car Accident
$250,000.00 – Car Accident
$150,000.00 – Medical Malpractice
$150,000.00 – Car Accident
$100,000.00 – Medical Malpractice
$95,000.00 – Medical Malpractice
$80,000.00 – Pedestrian Injury
$75,000.00 – Motorcycle Accident
$70,000.00 – Laceration with Scar
$350,000.00 – Car Accident
$275,000.00 – Car Accident
$175,000.00 – Motorcycle Accident
$150,000.00 – Medical Malpractice
$130,000.00 – Premises Liability
$100,000.00 – Car Accident
$87,500.00 – Nursing Home Negligence
$75,000.00 – Concussion
$68,000.00 – Work-Related Injury
$60,000.00 – Nursing Home Negligence

Disclaimer: Results are not guarantees. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. The value of each case depends upon the facts and circumstance of that claim.