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Spinal cord injuries range from bruising the spinal cord to actually severing the spinal cord. The effects of spinal injuries range from temporary nerve damage to permanent loss of function or paralysis. The Klenofsky Law Firm has quality spinal injury lawyers experienced in assisting individuals and families coping with spinal cord injuries. Auto, truck and motorcycle crashes are the leading cause of spinal cord injuries.

Auto crashes, truck crashes and especially motorcycle crashes often result in broken necks, which lead to a high probability of severing the spinal cord.

The spinal cord is made up of vertebrae and is supported by discs. Discs are made up of a nucleus and absorb energy so to prevent destruction and deterioration of the spinal cord. These discs are designed to withstand ordinary every day forces- not large sudden forces like those seen in car, truck and motorcycle collisions. When discs are injured due to the force of an auto collision, they can bulge or herniate.

The spine is made up of different segments. The cervical spine which is the neck area. The thoracic spine which is the upper back. The lumbar spine which is the lower back, and the sacrum, which is the tailbone area.

Spinal cord injury victims can lead productive lives, however they will require assistance. Many times, this means family members are called upon to assist the spinal cord injury victim. This can obviously be very stressful for the victim’s family and for the victim. Also, medical costs, including nursing care, physician and neurologist bills, and possibly long-term care can be overwhelming.

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