Missouri Trucking Accidents

Semi-Trucks are an essential mode of transportation when it comes to moving raw materials and commercial goods across the United States. According to the American Trucking Association, 70% of all of the freight moved in the United States is by truck. Without the trucking industry, our economy would take a major hit. Yet according to the Missouri Department of Transportation, in the year 2011 the number of people killed or injured from traffic crashes involving trucks was 3,599. Accidents involving trucks can result in serious or even fatal injuries and should not be taken lightly. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident involving a truck in Missouri, a St. Louis truck accident attorney can help you recover for your injuries.

Clash of the Titans: Two Truck Accidents Shutdown I-55

It was recently reported that two separate truck accidents in close proximity to each other caused major delays for commuters traveling through I-55. A trailer truck that was carrying a hazardous material caught on fire. It was eventually put out but the traffic caused by the truck fire caused another accident to occur. The driver of a UPS truck collided with another trailer truck causing an explosion to occur upon the impact. The driver of the UPS truck survived, but unfortunately the driver of the other truck died.

Factors that Make Truck Accidents Dangerous

Accidents involving trucks are dangerous for several reasons. First of all, a semi-truck exponentially outweighs other vehicles on the road. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, semi-trucks with a maximum weight of 20,000 pounds are allowed on Missouri interstate highways. A typical vehicle can weigh between 3,000 and 4,000 pounds. It is not surprise that a collision between a car and a truck weighing 5 times as much can have catastrophic consequences.  Furthermore, cars are not the only vehicles at risk. Motorcyclists are even more likely to suffer deadly injuries if they crash into a truck due to their smaller size.

The disparity in size between trucks and other vehicles on the road can cause other problems. Truck drivers are required to pay extra attention to the road and to their surroundings because of poor visibility through rear-view mirrors and the increased likelihood of blind spots. They must also maintain longer braking distances and exercise caution when making a turn. Unfortunately, a heightened sense of awareness while on the road can be difficult when a truck driver has been on the road for 10 hours straight. Although there are regulations in place to deter fatigued driving, it is no secret that it happens anyway.

Contact a St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyer

Truck accidents are actually quite common and can leave a person with debilitating and life-threatening injuries. If you are seeking compensation for your injuries you should contact an experienced personal injury lawyer in Missouri that focuses on handling truck accidents. Often times they will work with industry experts to thoroughly investigate the accident and gather enough evidence to build a strong case.

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