Drunk Driving Car Accidents in St. Louis This Summer

Summer is a great time to relax with family and friends by getting together to have BBQs. Consequently, it is also a time for people to sit back and enjoy alcoholic beverages. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2012 more than 10,000 people died due to car crashes where alcohol was involved. This equates to a death almost every 51 minutes. Although drinking and driving is a year around epidemic, it is even more prevalent during holidays. In fact, just behind New Year’s, the 4th of July is the second most deadly holiday period of the year due to impaired driving. According to data by the NHTSA, 765 people lost their lives in crashes involving drivers with a blood alcohol level of 0.08% or more during the July 4th weekend in a 5-year period between 2008-2012.  Not only is drinking while driving dangerous and may result in a car accident, but spending the summer dealing with a Driving Under the Influence charge (DUI) would be miserable. As experienced St. Louis car accident attorneys, we know firsthand how devastating the consequences can be when a person gets behind the wheel while under the influence. This summer, we urge you to keep St. Louis residents safe by avoiding drinking and driving.

How You Can Prevent Driving Under the Influence

It’s easy to get carried away when enjoying some drinks with family and friends and to forget that you eventually have to get in the car and drive home. However, by following these tips, you can safeguard yourself and others from making a grave mistake:

·      Designate a Sober Driver Before Drinking Alcohol: Before attending an event where alcohol will be served, decide who is going to be drive home. Not discussing this beforehand can result in confusion when it actually comes to the time for everybody to drive home. Once you designate the sober driver, make sure they are aware of their responsibilities as sober driver. Always remember that a sober driver is not the person who has consumed the least amount of alcohol out of the group, but rather the person who has refrained from consuming any drinks.

·      Be Aware of Your Surroundings and Look Out for Friends and Family: Even if you have not been drinking or have designated a sober driver, pay attention to others around you. If you spot a friend trying to drive home after having too many drinks, confront him/her. It may result in some conflict at the moment, but they will end up thanking you later.

·      Be Willing to Give up Your Keys: The truth is that alcohol impairs your judgment. A person may think they are fine to drive but in reality they should not be operating a vehicle in their current state. Listen to those around you and if someone urges you to refrain from driving, you probably should.

·      Call a Taxi or a Sober Friend to Take You Home: If you think that you might be impaired and should not drive home, call someone who can. There’s nothing wrong with being careful; it could save someone’s life.

We know how horrible car accidents involving drunk drivers can be and we hope these tips can help prevent them. If you have already been injured in a drunk driving car crash, contact our St. Louis car accident attorneys immediately for help.

Joseph D. Klenofsky  |  St. Louis Personal Injury Attorney

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